In trying to accomplish their goals, many people suffer from attraction to a very alluring bait. It’s an epidemic in our current society and, like the sultry sirens whose enchanting music lured sailors to their dooms, it entices everyday people like you and me to wreck on its rocks of failure and ruin.

What is this insidious trap? It’s the modern trend of “don’t do” and “do it the easy way.” This is a sure route to broken dreams and crushing disappointments.
In the Prosperity For Life Business Lesson called The Trap of “Do It the Easy Way” you’ll learn:

  • The truth about how to create the better effects in your work and life.
  • The two crucial points that make the professional—and they aren’t magic or luck. You can immediately apply these facts to improve in any field you desire.
  • The deadly lesson we’re slyly fed every day that is creating the modern trend of an increased percentage of the insane—this is one you’re going to want to avoid like the plague.
  • The simple rule that, when followed, ensures you don’t kill your own productivity with automation and gadgets.
  • How to escape the gargantuan trap of society with the goal of “nothing should ever be done by anything but a machine or somebody else.”
  • And more…

The true professionals in any field are receiving the lion’s share of the benefits—accomplishment, money, and attention. This lesson will teach you the underlying motivation of the professional and the precise attitudes that enable him to stand out from the rest.

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