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Cures to Fifteen Administrative Nightmares that Could Cost You Your Power and Prosperity


We are all familiar with the bad dream definition of the word “nightmare.” But Webster says it’s also “any bad, miserable, difficult or terrifying situation or experience that arouses anxiety, terror, agony or great displeasure.”

When you set out in business you had lofty goals. If you are falling short of those goals you may have run into one of the fifteen situations that could be administrative nightmares leading to miserable conditions where your practice or business production (sales and delivery) is poor, not expanding and you and your staff are unhappy and overwhelmed and you see no way to achieve what you originally set out to do.

You will learn tools on this course that can help you recognize the nightmares and know what to do to avoid them so you can actually bring about the game of doing highest-ever production with a tight, smooth-running team where everyone knows their job.


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“I’ve been in sales for 4+ years and I haven’t come across anything as hands-on and informative as this course [The Master Closer]. (And I’m a sales seminar/CD/lesson junkie)”
“…since doing this training [Total Marketing Mastery] and applying the data, I have increased one division of my business by 10-fold, another by 15-fold and have started additional related ventures.”
“Since completing the CEO Course Level 1 recently…I have been exercising every morning because I have the time and I am much more involved in other aspects of my life. For once I feel like my business is working for me, not me working for my business.”
“Doing the CEO Course Level 1 has truly opened my eyes as to what a CEO really needs to KNOW to run a successful expanding organization. This gave me such certainty in quite a few ‘gray areas’ in management.”

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