What is the fundamental difference between the successful person and the unsuccessful person? Some might say the successful person has drive, persistence, passion, and an indomitable spirit. But from where do these traits come? What allows the successful person to tap into them and never falter?
The answer to that question is in the title of the Prosperity for Life Business Lesson called Following Your Basic Purpose. Truly successful, fulfilled, and happy people follow their basic purpose, and this alone is the primary determining factor of whether or not you will ever achieve a fulfilling, happy, and prosperous life.
But what exactly is a basic purpose and how do you formulate one? Well, that’s the subject of this lesson, and in it you’ll learn:

  • How to find your basic purpose and unlock the raw power hidden in you that will enable you to overcome life’s obstacles and achieve success and happiness for real.
  • How to predict exactly how much money you’ll make in any endeavor and how to attract more of it. This is a real eye-opener.
  • The expansion formula and how to use it to increase your state of living.
  • The two crucial steps that must be done first before you can have the things you desire. Most people skip them altogether and wonder why they can’t “have it all.”
  • The most fundamental reason for life and how it relates directly to your ability to be happy, make money, and be fulfilled. This is violated all the time and people suffer because of it.
  • And much more…

If you’ve ever felt lost in your journey in life; if you’ve been unable to reach the level of success and survival you want’ if you’ve ever wondered if you’re really being true to yourself; if you’ve ever wished you felt more alive and had more drive; then you need to do this lesson. It has the answers to all that and more, and it can quite literally change your life.

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